Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve 2009

Happy New Year!!

Yesterday was a pretty laid back day in preparation for the New Years Eve party that we were all invited to. It was two other couples besides the one I live with, and a total of six kids. I was the awkward one who was about 20 years older or 20 years younger than everyone at the party! Besides the fact that I am horrible at small talking. Everyone continues to be surprised that I can speak Norwegian, and the questions about how I learned Norwegian, why I learned Norwegian, etc. are getting old! :)

The party was, shall we say, relaxing. I was just thankful to have somewhere to go on New Years Eve! I was very under dressed for the party, the guys were wearing suits! There was some drinking going on, but the house was mostly full of screaming kids until about 8:30 (party started at 5). The adults then ate at about 9 (who eats at 9? I was so hungry!) and we sat at the table until 2! That is way too much socializing for me! Today I am feeling antisocial as the family has the same two families from the party and a third family over today for some sledding and risengrot (yum!). (no Norwegian letters, sorry!) The best part about the evening was the celebration that went on for New Years.

Norwegians love firecrackers on New Years! They are only allowed to buy them two days before New Years but can set them off wherever. The party was at a house in a valley, which had hills all around it. When it was midnight, there were firecrackers going off from every hill around us! You could turn 360 degrees and see tons of firecrackers! I'm not just talking tiny ones, I'm talking what we would think of as "professional" firecracker shows! Hopefully no one blew off a finger last night!

Oh we also had Kransekake! For those of you who don't know, I made my first Kransekake during Christmas and it turned out great. I can proudly say that my "good" Kransekake layers were much better than the store bought one from last night!

Again, I forgot to take pictures of anything all that interested outside (like fireworks??)--but I did take pictures of my room and other places in the house.

"Oven" One way they heat the house. One upstairs and one downstairs:

Julenisser! Christmas gnomes?

Living room with juletre (Christmas tree)


Table where we eat all our meals:

Soon-to-be bathroom (hopefully):

My room!

The view out the window of my room:

That's all I have for today. 9 hours at the party last night has fried my brain...

Oh, side note. All the Norwegians were curious as to what traditions Americans have on New Years Eve...drink? That's all I could come up with! ha.


  1. It's soooo beautiful! I think I might have to start planning my visit :)

  2. Anna, nice new years. Your view looks nice. Like the snowy Himalayas. You've been everywhere!