Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All I want for February is...

If you feel the urge to send me things (please do!)--here are some things that interest me...(but not limited to)..

  • jigsaw puzzles (working on one right now--but they're expensive to buy!)
  • a good book
  • some good coffee (I don't like the coffee they have!!) Preferable ground. (mom, you can ground it in your new grinder and send it to me!)
  • American Peanut Butter
  • pictures!
  • yarn for knitting (any size because I have a plethora of needles)
  • interesting newspaper stories
  • guitar strings/picks (starting a guitar class next week)
  • Anything you think would be a good waste of time (games, puzzles, etc)
  • REDVINES! (even though I'll probably eat them in one sitting---ugh)
  • Yourself :)
  • TV series DVDs (expensive I know, but I don't have anything to watch!)
  • Magazines (trashy, intellectual, I read them all!)
  • Markers (preferably skinny)
  • Sketchbook/pencils

Okay, you get the point.

Now, what can I send you??


  1. Cute baby clothes please!! :)

  2. Haha I would want peanut butter too! Boo Nutella! -Lisa

  3. Boo Nutella?!? You LOVE Nutella Lis!