Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today's accomplishments: First Norway run and shoveling!

Okay, well to be honest, I did shovel last night too. Kristiansand got dumped on the last couple of days. The mom says she doesn't remember the last time they had this much snow. 

I volunteered to go out and shovel last night around 8 (yep, that's right mom and popsy--I volunteered!!). It was dark--the garage has no lights--and the mom told me to look for the shovel on the right side of the garage.

Now, when you think of a shovel, what do you think of?

I think of the thing on the left, naturally.

So, I shoveled away. The path was nice and clear. When I woke up in the morning--it had snowed A LOT. It was as though some trolls came to our house last night and decided they would just fill in the snow where I had shoveled! It didn't even look like it had been shoveled in the first place!

Then today after my first Norway run (which was good, except for the hills and the snowy paths--which makes you feel like you are running on a cold, inclined beach)--on my cool down walk/big hill I didn't want to run up-- I saw some Norwegians using some strange device to shovel their driveways...hence the thing on the right in the picture.

Once I was back--and about to shovel--I discovered that, low and behold, this family had one of those shovels as well! Made for a much easier time shoveling. Wow, those Norwegians and their contraptions! They're so crafty! Here's another look.

Here is my shoveling job today

and here is me, using the self-timer, to document the moment!

By this point, I was sweaty, wet and cold. Ready to go inside and drink some warm tea!

Oh and a side note: I was talking to a Norwegian guy today in Norwegian, and after a while he asked where I was from, and of course I said USA--he then proceeded with (in Norwegian), "Why the hell do you know how to speak Norwegian?!?" (emphasize 'hell'!) Ha ha. Highlight of my day.


  1. you are a great shoveler!!!! :)

  2. Hahaha sometimes I wonder what that guy asked you too! -Lisa

  3. Thanks Sarah! This might be the first time I've volunteered to shovel in my whole life. I'm such a nice Au Pair!