Thursday, January 14, 2010

A walk on the frozen fjord

Here are some pictures from the walk across the frozen fjord. Very rarely freezes over, guess I'm just lucky and came for a unusually cold winter! We heard later that people had fallen through the ice..but they were more on the outskirts--where the ice was ending. We were in the middle, but I was still nervous! Obviously my concern wasn't shared with anyone else..look at all these people. I was sitting on the top of a very large rock island...

Looking towards Denmark!

Looking back at Kristiansand from the other side of the fjord.

After walking across (well the rest of the family skated..I didn't have skates) the fjord, we sat on this rock island--made a fire, drank some hot chocolate, ate some chocolate and ate pølser med lumpa (hot dog wrapped in tortilla type bread)

People were ice fishing. Here is their catch--

Big ice chucks and me trying to be artsy.

The mom wanted to take a picture of me looking this way because she said "you can see all the way to Denmark!"

Speaking of Denmark, the mom said that this might be the first winter in like 14 years that the water between Norway, Denmark and Sweden will all be frozen over. You could literally walk to another country over the ocean if you wanted to!

I got a kick out of all the dogs on the ice because their legs would move really fast, but they wouldn't go anywhere! They weren't quite sure what to do, and why they weren't moving! I tried to get some video of a dog but it's not good enough to spend the 10 minutes uploading it onto the blog!

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