Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My new address!

I finally figured out what my address here in Kristiansand...

Seljeveien 10
4622 Kristiansand, Norway

Send me some mail! :)

After I wrote my blog yesterday I went into the city center with the dad- he's was going to meet some friends and thought I could walk down the gaagate (walking street) and look around. I went in to meet some of his friends, and they are all really impressed that I speak Norwegian. They invited me to sit down, have a beer, and... now what do you think a Norwegian would ask an American these days??

Norwegian guy: So how do you feel about Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize?

It was funny. They told me they all still like Obama though! :) I'm not sure exactly how they feel about him getting the Nobel Peace Prize but they seem to think all Americans think he shouldn't of gotten it. I set them straight!


1. the oldest boy and I played on a escalator (more like an inclined moving walkway) while the dad was shopping.
2. visited family friends who have 2 kids of there own and had lunch (smoorbrood! Imagine that!)and did some more sledding like yesterday.
3.the boys liked me, then disliked me, then liked me again! I guess that's what 6 and 4 year olds do!
4. The little girl was super cute and let me hold and play with her!
5. I read some Norwegian newspapers sitting in a beanbag next to the fireplace (which is more like a stove). Super cozy!
6. Enjoyed going to the bathroom, just to feel the nice heated floors on my feet!
7. Saw some awesome views of a fjord (a lake connected to the ocean-I would call that a fjord) and a man ice-fishing on it! I think in MN that would be considered "very dangerous".
8. Saw two awesome houses with views that are for sale and wish I had millions of kroner to buy them (yep, I said MILLIONS) Crazy.
9. Really tired, I think jet lag and the kids energy has finally taken it's toll!
10. the oldest boy asked if I had a Christmas tree at home (they do here) and I said no, and then said yes, we have a tiny one and showed him how big and he had a really big kick out of that! yea for the Charlie Brown tree! It made a kid smile in Norway! :)

I didn't take any pictures today, but I should have. Tomorrow I will get on that. Not sure what the plans are for the day, but they have a New Years party to attend. That should be interesting! Or, maybe I will babysit? ha.

I have to keep reminding myself that when the kids speak, they are talking in Norwegian! When they talk really softly and mumble I try to hear English words, but that doesn't work!

That's all for now!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First day with the family!

Well, I got into Kristiansand at about 8 pm last night, and the mom picked me up from the airport. The kids were sleeping and the dad was at a party! :) Had some tea, unpacked my things, got a tour of the house, chatted with the mom, saw the sleeping kids (ha, she showed me--I wasn't creeping!) and went to bed around midnight. For some reason I wasn't feeling any signs of jet lag, which is weird!

This morning I woke up at about 8:30 (to my alarm of course, I don't wake up early on my own!). I walked out of my room and was greeted by the 1.5 year old's beaming smile at me. It was a great way to start off a day! I talked to the mom a little and went downstairs to take a shower (my bathroom is not finished yet!). Went into the tv room to say hi to the boys ages 4 and 6, and asked them a couple questions in Norwegian. The oldest one rolled his eyes at me! So, that was that interaction!

After I was done with the shower, there was already food on the table and everyone sitting so I joined and tried to talk to the boys some more..which they were more willing to do with their mom around.

Afterward, we went into the city center to get my visa--which only gave me more things to do! (TB test, personal number...)

We came back, put the little one for her nap, and the rest of us ate lunch and I played a little hockey (on a miniature table) with the boys.

Later the boys and mom were going outside for something--and not knowing what was going on, I came along with my camera. I figured it'd be a good time to take some pictures...

Front of the house with view (you can see where they built/are building on for me (and them!)

View from their front yard (and view from the whole house, including my room!)

Looking down their driveway

Sledding down the road!

The 4 year old after we crashed (combo of me being a wuss and him steering all over the place). He was NOT happy! He is way up on the top of the other hill. He ran way over there because he was not happy with me!

After that fun activity, I watched some Norwegian tv with the kids, met the dad when he came home from work, and we ate some sort of sour soup (which was actually pretty good) and had waffles for dessert!

That's about all! I suspect the kids are going to bed soon because they are all taking a shower/bath.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Monday, December 28, 2009

3 connections, 4 flights...one long trip to Norway

Here I am, sitting in the Oslo airport! This is by far the longest lay-over at 3 hours (which is a good thing) so I have plenty of time to people watch (Norwegian watch)!

Here’s a rundown of how my flights worked out for me.

Minneapolis-Detroit: delayed for de-icing, and so very little lay-over in Detroit (so no pictures!)

Detroit-Amsterdam: longer delay for de-icing (I guess de-icing is a good thing, but sitting on the plane for an hour and not moving is not a good thing), and so very little lay-over in Amsterdam (so no pictures!) Also, did not sleep a wink!
I was a little rushed in Amsterdam, but managed to find myself a buddy for a while (a girl from Detroit, going to Oslo)

Amsterdam-Oslo: zonked out before the plane even took off! Now, that’s my kind of flight! Made friends with the two Americans sitting on either side of me (both around my age).

So…I left Minneapolis where it was cold and snowy

and come to Norway which is…even colder and snowier! Okay well I don’t know if it was actually snowing or it was just a whole lot of fog. Either way, dreadful. :)

I took a picture of the Oslo airport and outside the window..but they aren’t very good. I didn’t feel like looking like a tourist and taking tons of obvious pictures! I have to wait until morning...

Best accomplishments so far in the trip you ask?

1.Checking into my SAS flight in Oslo all in Norwegian!! No English used!
Okay, well, I did fumble once but recovered nicely!
2.Making friends on my flights… promising!
3.Navigating myself around all the airports with no problem
4.Being 90% excited and 10% sad!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Kristiansand, here I come!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Velkommen! I'm off to Kristiansand, Norway soon! Here's a map so you can have an idea of where I'll be. Kristiansand is on the Southern coast.

My first blog will come very soon...check back!