Monday, December 28, 2009

3 connections, 4 flights...one long trip to Norway

Here I am, sitting in the Oslo airport! This is by far the longest lay-over at 3 hours (which is a good thing) so I have plenty of time to people watch (Norwegian watch)!

Here’s a rundown of how my flights worked out for me.

Minneapolis-Detroit: delayed for de-icing, and so very little lay-over in Detroit (so no pictures!)

Detroit-Amsterdam: longer delay for de-icing (I guess de-icing is a good thing, but sitting on the plane for an hour and not moving is not a good thing), and so very little lay-over in Amsterdam (so no pictures!) Also, did not sleep a wink!
I was a little rushed in Amsterdam, but managed to find myself a buddy for a while (a girl from Detroit, going to Oslo)

Amsterdam-Oslo: zonked out before the plane even took off! Now, that’s my kind of flight! Made friends with the two Americans sitting on either side of me (both around my age).

So…I left Minneapolis where it was cold and snowy

and come to Norway which is…even colder and snowier! Okay well I don’t know if it was actually snowing or it was just a whole lot of fog. Either way, dreadful. :)

I took a picture of the Oslo airport and outside the window..but they aren’t very good. I didn’t feel like looking like a tourist and taking tons of obvious pictures! I have to wait until morning...

Best accomplishments so far in the trip you ask?

1.Checking into my SAS flight in Oslo all in Norwegian!! No English used!
Okay, well, I did fumble once but recovered nicely!
2.Making friends on my flights… promising!
3.Navigating myself around all the airports with no problem
4.Being 90% excited and 10% sad!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Kristiansand, here I come!

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