Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My new address!

I finally figured out what my address here in Kristiansand...

Seljeveien 10
4622 Kristiansand, Norway

Send me some mail! :)

After I wrote my blog yesterday I went into the city center with the dad- he's was going to meet some friends and thought I could walk down the gaagate (walking street) and look around. I went in to meet some of his friends, and they are all really impressed that I speak Norwegian. They invited me to sit down, have a beer, and... now what do you think a Norwegian would ask an American these days??

Norwegian guy: So how do you feel about Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize?

It was funny. They told me they all still like Obama though! :) I'm not sure exactly how they feel about him getting the Nobel Peace Prize but they seem to think all Americans think he shouldn't of gotten it. I set them straight!


1. the oldest boy and I played on a escalator (more like an inclined moving walkway) while the dad was shopping.
2. visited family friends who have 2 kids of there own and had lunch (smoorbrood! Imagine that!)and did some more sledding like yesterday.
3.the boys liked me, then disliked me, then liked me again! I guess that's what 6 and 4 year olds do!
4. The little girl was super cute and let me hold and play with her!
5. I read some Norwegian newspapers sitting in a beanbag next to the fireplace (which is more like a stove). Super cozy!
6. Enjoyed going to the bathroom, just to feel the nice heated floors on my feet!
7. Saw some awesome views of a fjord (a lake connected to the ocean-I would call that a fjord) and a man ice-fishing on it! I think in MN that would be considered "very dangerous".
8. Saw two awesome houses with views that are for sale and wish I had millions of kroner to buy them (yep, I said MILLIONS) Crazy.
9. Really tired, I think jet lag and the kids energy has finally taken it's toll!
10. the oldest boy asked if I had a Christmas tree at home (they do here) and I said no, and then said yes, we have a tiny one and showed him how big and he had a really big kick out of that! yea for the Charlie Brown tree! It made a kid smile in Norway! :)

I didn't take any pictures today, but I should have. Tomorrow I will get on that. Not sure what the plans are for the day, but they have a New Years party to attend. That should be interesting! Or, maybe I will babysit? ha.

I have to keep reminding myself that when the kids speak, they are talking in Norwegian! When they talk really softly and mumble I try to hear English words, but that doesn't work!

That's all for now!


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