Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New adventures, New blog title, New friends (hopefully!)

Well, here I go again. Off on another scenic adventure. This time I am doing a global International Relations graduate program through Webster University. I'm super stoked for a year full of learning, traveling and hopefully a good job after I'm through! :) If you are interested, here is my travel plans and addresses for throughout the year! I leave tomorrow, the 11th, and I couldn't be more excited! I'm hoping to get the blog up and going at least one time per two months (one time in each country). Feel free to bug me to get stuff up here! Adios! :)

Webster University's Global M.A. in International Relations Website

Anna’s travels— Fall, 2011- Summer, 2012

Aug 11: Leave for Amsterdam
Aug 12-17: Bumming around Amsterdam
Aug 18-19: Orientation in Leiden, Netherlands
Aug 20: To Vienna, Austria

Anna Feigum
Global MAIR Student
Webster University Vienna
Berchtoldgasse 1
A-1220 Vienna, Austria

Aug 20-22: Getting acquainted with Vienna and fellow students
Aug 23-Oct 14: Course dates
Oct 17: Fly from Vienna to Guilin, China to meet my friends Amanda and Mason
Oct 18-22: Guilin, China
Oct 23: To Bangkok, Thailand

Anna Feigum
Global MAIR Student
Webster University Thailand
Bangkok Center
Maneeya Center (E1), 10th Floor
518/5 Ploenchit Road
Bangkok 10330

Oct 24-Dec 17: Course dates
Oct 18-Jan 2: Winter Break in Thailand
Jan 3: To London
Jan 3-Jan 11: Bumming in the London area (or traveling within England)
Jan 12: To Geneva, Switzerland

Anna Feigum
Global MAIR Student
Webster University Geneva
Route de Collex 15
CH-1293 Bellevue

Jan 13-15: Getting acquainted with Switzerland (and potentially freezing my butt off??)
Jan 16-Mar 9: Course dates
Mar 10-14: Spring Break I (Place TBD)
Mar 15: To London

Anna Feigum
Global MAIR Student
Webster Graduate School London
Regent’s College Inner Circle
Regent’s Park
London NW1 4NS
United Kingdom

 Mar 16-18: Getting acquainted with London
Mar 19-May 11: Course dates
May 12-May 15: Spring Break II (Place TBD)
May 16: To Leiden, Netherlands

Anna Feigum
Global MAIR Student
Webster University Leiden
Boommarkt 1
2311 EA Leiden
The Netherlands

May 17-20: Getting acquainted with Leiden
May 21-July 13: Course dates

Graduation soon after in one of the four European countries (in 2011, it was held in Vienna)