Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First day with the family!

Well, I got into Kristiansand at about 8 pm last night, and the mom picked me up from the airport. The kids were sleeping and the dad was at a party! :) Had some tea, unpacked my things, got a tour of the house, chatted with the mom, saw the sleeping kids (ha, she showed me--I wasn't creeping!) and went to bed around midnight. For some reason I wasn't feeling any signs of jet lag, which is weird!

This morning I woke up at about 8:30 (to my alarm of course, I don't wake up early on my own!). I walked out of my room and was greeted by the 1.5 year old's beaming smile at me. It was a great way to start off a day! I talked to the mom a little and went downstairs to take a shower (my bathroom is not finished yet!). Went into the tv room to say hi to the boys ages 4 and 6, and asked them a couple questions in Norwegian. The oldest one rolled his eyes at me! So, that was that interaction!

After I was done with the shower, there was already food on the table and everyone sitting so I joined and tried to talk to the boys some more..which they were more willing to do with their mom around.

Afterward, we went into the city center to get my visa--which only gave me more things to do! (TB test, personal number...)

We came back, put the little one for her nap, and the rest of us ate lunch and I played a little hockey (on a miniature table) with the boys.

Later the boys and mom were going outside for something--and not knowing what was going on, I came along with my camera. I figured it'd be a good time to take some pictures...

Front of the house with view (you can see where they built/are building on for me (and them!)

View from their front yard (and view from the whole house, including my room!)

Looking down their driveway

Sledding down the road!

The 4 year old after we crashed (combo of me being a wuss and him steering all over the place). He was NOT happy! He is way up on the top of the other hill. He ran way over there because he was not happy with me!

After that fun activity, I watched some Norwegian tv with the kids, met the dad when he came home from work, and we ate some sort of sour soup (which was actually pretty good) and had waffles for dessert!

That's about all! I suspect the kids are going to bed soon because they are all taking a shower/bath.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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