Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Whoo hoo! Thanks for reading! I know that it's probably only like 5 of you looking a bunch of times...but it makes no difference to me. I'm glad you guys are enjoying my blog and actually reading it...makes me like to write in it!

Some side notes:

-it's so cold here. It wouldn't be so bad expect for the ridiculously strong wind coming off the ocean.

-My Wild Rice Soup ended up tasting pretty good, considering that I had to convert the measurements, plus I've never made it before. The parents liked it and the little girl. The boys weren't too fond of it, but that's just the way they are! After we were finished eating, the mom said the leftovers could feed another family! That's true, it could have. Our portions in the States are definitely bigger than the portions in Norway!

-I recently showed the two boys a racing game on my computer...and I've created two monsters. That's all they want to do is play that stupid game. All I want them to do at the end of the day is leave me alone! (Okay, not really--but I have to sit and watch the game--and it's sooooo BORING!)

-I'm constantly hungry. Maybe it's because I eat about half of what I would eat in the states...or because I eat dinner at 4:30, but I'm hungry. Very hungry!

-Had my first day at the play center with the little girl today. She wasn't so happy that her mom left, but I managed to distract her!

-I've discovered I love oranges and tangerines (maybe just the Norwegian kind, ha)

-I've already read two books, 'Have a Little Faith' and 'The Beach' (which is much better than the movie!

-I'm going to start going to guitar classes (and Norwegian classes) at the end of the month!

-My bathroom as yet to be worked on...boooo!

-I love tea!

Okay, I'm stretching for things to write...that means I need to stop!

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