Sunday, January 10, 2010

I walked, I saw and learned some stuff along the way...


Yesterday, I took some time to take a walk around the area I live in..and saw some interesting things (and not so interesting things) along the way. Join me, in my walking tour of Kristiansand (or at least a few miles of it!)

The mom dropped me off at the workout place (where I was thinking of joining), which is located in Kristiansand's own warehouse district and right next to a fjord (at least I think it's a fjord...pretty sure)

Warehouse district--where you can find a workout place, indoor soccer, a huge play land for kids, a huge store with cheap Chinese imports, etc.

The ice froze over the fjord for the first time in many winters...lots of Norwegians out skating, walking, playing hockey!

This was a view down the road from a pedestrian overpass, pretty huh? :)

Some cute Norwegian houses

Look Popsy! Norwegians get icicles on their houses too!

V├ągsbygd Center

A mall essentially! Food stores, clothing stores, library, where I take the little girl to preschool, etc. Also, where I learned to very important things the other day...

1. Never assume you know what a Norwegian is going to say to you. It's very easy, when you go to the grocery store for instance, to assume what the cashier will say--because they have a routine. Tell you the price, ask if you want a bag, ask if you want a receipt. That's about it. I went to buy a yogurt (because they are oh so good, and I was hungry) and assumed that the cashier would say, "kvitteringen?", which means receipt. Instead he did not, but it was too late, I had already answered the questions I thought he was going to ask me. Duh. So lesson number 1, never assume you know what a Norwegian is going to say to you.

2. Don't let the dialect fool you--you know what they are saying! It was a matter of two words... leter and leiter

Leter du etter noe?
Leiter du etter noe?

Both mean, are you looking for something? Which I was, the library..but had found. I use the first question --in the which the first word is essentially 'letter' in English with a Norwegian accent! The second (which he used) is more like 'lighter' in English with a Norwegian accent. I was confused..gave him an answer not knowing what he had asked me, but luckily had an acceptable answer. But as soon as the pressure was off..I thought..OHHH he was saying Leter du etter noe! Anyways, difference in dialect (I believe).

Moving on...

Pretty church

Remnants of a firecracker full New Years Eve along the shoreline.

Can you imagine what the owner of this boat was saying..."oh crap, I knew I forgot to do something this fall!" Only in Norwegian!

And finally...a picture of the ice.

Okay, that was long, sorry. It takes a while to explain things! If you made it this far--great job! Finally, after 2 weeks, I think I've got my bearings here--and I'm actually good at directions!

More to come soon!

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