Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stop judging me you Norwegians!

Just a quick note about today..when I was at the barnehage (open preschool/kindergarden). People just come and go to the barnehage as they please, not everyone comes every time, etc. Today was my second time with the little girl here. She was NOT happy when her mom left and wouldn't play with me very much! Instead she clung on to the woman who runs the barnehage (whom the little girl knows quite well) the whole time. I felt like I was awkwardly standing around and I could sense people looking at me and wondering who I was! When it came time to have the little girl eat, she was less than happy to be eating next to me..and I had these other moms looking at me the whole time. I think they were wondering why my child hated me so much! Thankfully the little girl said "mama" and I said back to her "Hun er på jobb (she's at work)" and then the women who had been staring at me the whole time understood who I was! They then asked me why I could speak such good Norwegian,etc.

I would hope that if I have a child, they would want to be around me and wouldn't cry every time I tried to hold them! I felt like all the Norwegians (who didn't know who I was) thought I was just a terrible mom, when in reality, I'm not even related and she's known me for 2 weeks! It was just really awkward and thought I'd share that with all of you!

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