Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An experiment in socialization

Everybody know how much I hate socializing and how horrible I am at small-talking??

Well this week has been one of trying to be social and meet new people...scary, huh?

It all started on Friday, when I went to a party for the new students at the University of Agder (in Kristiansand). I was told by the woman in charge that I could go to the student events--turns out she is friends with the mom. Anyways, it was quite awkward for a while before I got talking to a German woman (22) and an English woman (23). I state their ages because I'm not hanging out with anyone under 22! Anyways, to make a long story short, I hung out with the English woman on Saturday in town, and yesterday at another student event! YAY, I have a friend everyone!!

So, at this International Pub yesterday, the Norwegians who are head of the international student group told all of us about Norway, and played us some informational videos (or are they?) about Norway from YouTube. You have to know they're going to be good because they're from YouTube, right?

Just to let you know, I was laughing really hard when I saw these..because they are SO TRUE!!

Here are the links--Enjoy learning about Norway and the Norwegian culture!!

this is norway

and (this one uses the "F" swear word a lot, so viewer discretion is advised!!)


Also, here's the newest celebrity in Norway--



  1. Wait..I didn't know you were a student! Are you taking classes while you're over there? -Lisa

  2. Well technically I'm not. I am, however, taking a Norwegian class and a guitar class (from two different schools than the one I met people at!)--if that counts as being a student. :)

  3. oh my god those videos are soooo funny!! thank you so much for posting them. i think i'll take the guy's advice and say 'faen' a lot more!