Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Road trip-- day 4

Tuesday started with some coffee, breakfast and a little exploring around Veslebu (our "little red cabin") near Preikestolen/Stavanger. This cabin was AMAZING. We were secluded, in the forest, and had our own private beach on the water! If you ever are planning on hiking Preikestolen...I would definitely recommend staying here.
Stavanger was on the agenda for today, so we made our way to the car (about a 10 minute walk from the cabin) to drive to the ferry in Tau, that would eventually get us to Stavanger. (It was a little windy and cold...don't you think, Diane?!)
Once in Stavanger, we visited the Oil museum--where Alex and I decided to pretend we were part of the oil rig crew and got many stares...

Gave our opinion about climate change and drilling for oil...

and played on the emergency escape slide, and other fun oil-related toys!

After making our way through some cute gågater, visiting some stores, eating lunch and checking out the fish market...
...we made our way towards Old Stavanger and the Sardine Canning Museum (really cool!)
This place also sold sardines, and my dad was in sardine heaven!
 A few other things we found in Stavanger included....

Escher inspired cobblestone (or so we thought), that freaked out your eyes...
The place were immigrants waited before boarding their boat to America...

And probably one of the cutest/funkiest gågater of all time.
After finally making our way back to our cabin via ferry and car, we ate a very Norwegian meal of fiskekaker (fish cakes) and pølser i lompe (hot dogs in a tortilla...I guess) and øl (beer). We also used Engangsgrill (one time grill) to cook our food, which is VERY popular in Norway. Probably because it only costs about 15 Kroner.

 That's all for Tuesday...Wednesday is going to be an early one!

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