Sunday, August 1, 2010

Road trip--day 5

Wednesday started EARLY. After a few hours of sleep, we woke up to tackle Preikestolen....at 4:50 AM. Crazy, I know.
After only about 10 minutes of strait uphill---looking down from where we came from

Mom's favorite part of the hike...wetlands!

Could the path be steeper and with bigger boulders?

"Eyes on task, mind on task." -mom (afraid that we would fall off the cliff)
Finally at the top!

Where's Popsy? NOT funny!
3 hours and 45 minutes from when we started, we were back at the bottom. I have to say, I felt pretty intense coming back down the mountain at 7 AM when everyone else was just starting!! How many people can say they saw a Romanian woman playing death metal on Preikestolen?! Yep, that's right...she lugged a guitar AND an amp up the mountain....I'm just glad we got there before her! Weird.

Oh, and only ONE injury on the hike, which was of course me. Clumsy me. Good thing I didn't break my femur, that would have put a damper on the trip! (I'd put the picture of me and my HUGE bruise...but it may be too inappropriate for what I want on the internet! Sorry, Alex!)

So the reason we got up so early to do the hike was because we had an 8 hour car ride to our next hytte (cabin) in Luster (on the Sognefjord).

10 hours in the car....
3 ferry rides...

a few road-side cherry stops (and a pear ice cream stop)...
many coffee stops at weird (and hot!) places...
many waterfalls....
and 1 (unsuccessful) history hunt (my mom's side of the family was supposedly from this place) later....
we arrived in Luster (and our hytte)!

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  1. You forgot your giant bruise from the hike! I think a picture is necessary..haha