Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Road trip-- day 3

We set off on the open (Norwegian) road!

Kristiansand-Preikestolen Fjellstue
About a 6 hour car ride, without stops. However, we stopped. We were on the road from about 10am to 7pm.
                                             Map courtesy of homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com

Our first stop was Mandal. Our stop in Mandal consisted of our first (of many) troll sighting, bunad sightings, cute Norwegian baby clothes for V, beaches, playing with dead fish, the ocean, woods and a cute g├ągate

Back on the road.

Tunnels, tunnels and more tunnels!
 Arrived at Fjekkefjord!

After back on the road for some time...we started getting hungry. We decided to pull over at the next place to eat...which ended up to be not the most relaxing and quiet place to eat...
 ...unless you enjoy eating next to the highway! Oh, and my dad discovered (and loves!) Nugatti!
Pit stop at one of the most beautiful towns in Norway (so says the guide book), however, it probably doesn't even warrant any pictures! Not the prettiest in our book. 

Here are some nice pictures of Norwegian scenery though.
 And, our first Norwegian car ferry ride! (fem voksne!)

Finally! We made it to our "Little Red Cabin". Relaxation was in order--food and cards!
 So long, day 3!

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  1. Sorry, I think I picked out the pullout to eat at! Whoops!! And I think I will remember "fem voksne" for life!