Friday, June 11, 2010

The problem with being settled...

Just imagine...you move to a completely new and intriguing place; you are so excited to be away from home and somewhere new that even something as mundane as putting a puzzle together can be extremely fun and satisfying. You read and read and read, because, well, it too is satisfying. This is what I call the honeymoon period of moving.

Five and some months later, here I am, watching tv online, sleeping and feeling as though I don't do anything nearly as exciting as that puzzle I put together in the first month. Remember all those hobbies I had in MN, Mom and Popsy? I can't remember anything I did in MN to pass the time anymore. Yes, the weather is nice now, but if you know me, I HATE to go places alone. I just like to share experiences with others. So, taking into account my last post, about having few friends, I feel like the only place I go these days is to the gym. (Especially since the classes I had three nights a week are over...that doesn't help any...)

Anyways, I'm determined to change that...I just need some hobbies! So, if any of you reading this have any suggestions on things I can do to pass the time AND feel like I've accomplished something, I would really appreciate it! Let's just keep in mind I hate hiking alone (afraid of animals...even in Norway where there are no animals!)! Oh, and these have to be cheap hobbies (painting is too expensive!), because I have little money.

This is a chance for all of you to be a part of my personal think tank. (haven't you always wanted to be in one? Or is that just me?)

What should Anna do in her free time?


  1. Weren't you taking guitar lessons? You could be composing songs! Or how about photography? I can spend hours and hours on the picnik website editing photos - definitely worth checking out, plus it's free. I also wish I had more time for journaling/scrapbooking. Just google "altered books" and see what comes up. You don't have even have to be that artistic to cut up, rearrange, paste, paint, scribble or doodle all over an old book to create a really cool altered book/scrapbook/journal. I love love love altered books. And how cool would it be to make one out of an old Norwegian text and fill it with pictures and thoughts from you time there now?

  2. I agree with this Kate person. You should get out and take more photos of the world around you so that the rest of us can live vicariously through you! I work in an office and looking at stuff like this helps me pass the time and keep from going nutso. Thanks for the pictures and if I have one piece of advice to help you with your boredom issue it would be to look for the beauty around you and take pictures for the rest of us!