Monday, June 21, 2010

Being Productive

This weekend I was in Oslo visiting a couple of friends at their new apartment. Here is their view from the balcony...basically overlooking the entire city. Amazing view!
(click on the picture to make it bigger)

While I was in Oslo, I made a discovery about being productive. Being outside makes me feel so much more productive then being inside doing the exact same activity. For instance, if I'm eating outside, I feel about 10 times more productive than if I were eating inside. I'm not exactly sure why I feel this way...but maybe the view had something to do with it (and the weather)!

On Sunday, the rain cleared up for us to go to Frognerparken (click on the link!) and hang out in the sun. I didn't snap too many photos, but here are a couple. This park is huge and an amazing spot to spend a sunny day.

The three in the foreground are Norwegian friends and my American friends Joey and Blake are playing catch in the background.

Oh, here are a few more pictures from Oslo...but these ones are from April. Notice the ice still on the lake.