Wednesday, June 9, 2010

big city vs. small town

So, for as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to live in a big city. Fargo/Moorhead was just a little too small for my taste (and a little too conservative). However, there was one major hiccup in my thought process; I hate people. Now, I don't necessarily hate all people, I just hate being in a big group of people or have lots of people around me. So, you're probably wondering, why do you want to live in a big city, Anna? Believe it or not, I just realized the answer to this question: diversity.

After living in Kristiansand now for 5 months, with it's population of 80,000, I've realized that there isn't much diversity (obviously--"small town" Norway). This, however, wouldn't really be a problem for me if I didn't need/want friends. Call me snooty, but I'm not the kind of person who becomes friends with just anyone. They have to be interesting. Kristiansand lacks interesting people. Oslo ("big city" Norway) has no shortage of interesting people. So, to recap, diversity = interesting.

So, with the lack of interesting people (to be fair, I have met one or two...), comes a lack of friends. Friends that have interesting insights on different situations, pose interesting questions and can have intelligent debates about religion, politics, etc.

I'm slowly weeding through the population of 20-somethings in Kristiansand, in search for this elusive diversity. Diversity, if you're out there, show me a sign.

ps. on a very random side note, the strike is over! Thank god, taking care of three kids was driving me batty!


  1. You are friends with me! I would not consider myself a picture of diversity :) And Kari? I guess she is probably the tannest norwegian-minnesotan we know...

  2. You are interesting Kate! That's really all I mean by diversity. I would have to agree that Kari is probably the tannest Norwegian-Minnesotan we know! ha.