Sunday, May 30, 2010


Well, I just got back from a trip to Stavanger...which is on the west coast, and a 3 hour train ride from Kristiansand. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so great, but we (Alan and I) still had a great time! We stayed at this cute (and cheap) bed and breakfast (Stavanger Bed and Breakfast), and I highly recommend it! Good Norwegian breakfast and Norwegian waffles and coffee at 9pm. Awesome.

 We visited the Oil Museum, which was interesting, but didn't address any environmental issues at all, which was strange. We did have a really fun time going down the emergency evacuation slide though!
Located right next to the Oil Museum is a Geopark, which is a park for kids that is made of recycled materials.

 We also went to the sardine canning museum, which was really interesting! It is located in old Stavanger, which is really pretty.

Lastly, we took a 3 hour cruise in the Lysefjord today. The boat took us right under Preikestolen.

 The Goats we fed off the boat. They live on the side of a cliff.
Preikestolen (where Mom, Popsy, Aunt Diane, Alex and I will hike this summer!)
 Here I am drinking water that we collected from the waterfall (behind me in the picture)--tasted like bottled water!

 Here are just a few notable pictures from the rest of Stavanger
Notice the Snoop Dogg poster on the second white building from the left...he's coming on June 24th! Random!

One last important thing to note, the days are getting longer now...it was light until a little after 11pm yesterday! Summer is upon us!

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