Thursday, May 13, 2010

Out in the skog (woods)

Yesterday, my Polish friend, Jolanta, and I decided to take a hike in the woods behind my house. Thank god we brought a map! We were definitely hiking for a good 4 hours, up and down hills the whole way. Some highlights/lowlights (you can decide) were:

1. Both of us, at some point during the hike, talked on our cell phones.
2. Anna didn't bring water. Dumb. But she did bring a map!
3. We were on animal alert the whole time. Only thing we saw were birds. I was hoping for a moose!
4. We were the only people on the trail the entire 4 hours!

Here is some of what we saw.
A Norwegian wetland, just for mom!
Sign pointing towards a security post bunker from WWI. Who knew?

Jolanta hugging a big rock. Not sure why!
The viewpoint we hiked for 2 hours to see...we think. There weren't many signs, so we figured this was it. If so, totally not worth it! :) But check out the ocean in the background, pretty!
Stay on the trail, follow the blue dots.
"I can see civilization!"

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