Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Spring is here, that means it's time to explore the southern region of Norway around Kristiansand. In the winter, with the snow, everything looks the same and really, the towns aren't up and running...so this is my first time exploring the surrounding small towns. The south is known for it's beaches, and it is where Norwegians, and others, go for summer vacation. I've never lived in a place that's a summer tourist destination!



Mandal: known for it's white-washed houses.


  1. What do you mean you've never lived anywhere that's a tourist destination? You lived in Hawai'i (um, does anyplace get more tourists than Hawai'i?), India (nuff said), and Minnesota (which gets tons of tourists every summer--especially lake country, the North Shore, and the Mall of America). You're silly, Anna! ;-)

    I ♥♥♥♥ the pictures, btw!
    Toodles! :^)

  2. Your pics are uberawesome, Anna! I think you could win a photo contest or something and maybe sell them to a magazine or brochure company or do your own photo show! BTW, what kind of flowers are those in the Grimstad (I have no idea how to pronounce that right!) pics?


  3. So JEALOUS!!!!!! Norway is now on my list of places to go someday. Seems really charming, simple, and quiet--am I right? Youre lucky. BTW what's an au pair and how do I sign up for that? I need a break from the city and my job!!!!!

  4. Hey, since when do we not leave names?! :)

    Okay, true, I have lived in other tourist destinations, but not for longer than 3 months..and I meant WARM tourist destinations!

    No idea what kind of flowers those are in Grimstad..just thought they were pretty!

    Thanks for the photo compliments!

    Norway is pretty charming, simple and quiet! Norway should be on everyone's list of places to visit! :) An au pair is basically a nanny..and I got my job through connections..but there are agencies out there that places people with families!