Monday, April 26, 2010

Alt for Norge

There's a new tv series on TV Norge, "Alt for Norge". 10 Americans compete in Norway to win a chance to meet their Norwegian families. They compete in challenges every week, which are supposed to reflect things that Norwegians do/eat/etc. However, I'm pretty sure not all Norwegians do most of these things! But, the show wouldn't be interesting then, would it?! Every week, one contestant is sent home (which is completely devastating for them). I have found some good clips on YouTube..look up "Alt for Norge tv Norge" for more clips!

Here the contestants are taking a Norwegian class Norskkurs

Here they are asked to make what they think is a traditional Norwegian bag lunch, or matpakke.

I watch this every week with my Norwegian friend, and we laugh throughout the whole episode! I have friends in Oslo (who are American--most from St. Olaf) who watch it all together as a group on Thursdays. There are 4 contestants representing Minnesota..which I'm not sure is a good thing or not! There are also 2 contestants who graduated from St. Olaf!

Check it out, maybe you will get a laugh or two even if you don't know any Norwegian or anything about Norwegian culture!


  1. OMG!!! LMFAO!!! I love how Norwegians talk and stuff! And like, how funny it is that you and your friends have bonded over making fun of Americans! Bet your Norwegin is totally pimpin having to speak it all the time and your native friends can hardly tell your American!!! Keep writing this stuff ya hear. Peace out! (How do you say that ih Norwegian?) :P

  2. Peace out = peace out. We use a lot of English words in everyday speech, such as "chill" and internet expressions like ftw, omg and l33t =)