Thursday, April 8, 2010

In my own backyard

I continue to explore and come upon new things in the Kristiansand area, especially now that Spring has come to be (or so it seems).

Here are some pictures from a walk around Odderøya ("øya" here meaning "island"). Odderøya used to be a military island, so all the buildings are no longer in use, and no one inhabits the island. The dad here told me he was stationed on this island (since men are required to do one year of military service) when it was still up and functioning. Now, it's a great place to hike--and even has a volunteer run cabin you can hike back to on Sundays (remember, Sundays = nothing open in town/go out for a walk day). My friend Sally and I, and Sally's friend that was visiting from England went to check out this island about a week or so ago.

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