Thursday, September 9, 2010

The art of searching the internet.

Oh man. Within the last month (day wise, not calendar month wise) the number of times I have had more than 10 tabs open on Firefox has probably exceeded what I can count with my hands. Yikes. Oh my parents would be disappointed in me...well only because they used to make me have a cap at 5 open tabs, said any more was out-of-control, which I completely agree with. (They also banned me from WebMD...because I'm a hypochondriac and a self-diagnoser...but that's a different story for a different time :))

I JUST found myself with about 12 open tabs on my web browser, and decided to blog about it. What exactly do I open up in these new tabs, you ask? Well...today, I'm looking up  graduate programs in the States (for a back-up if I don't get into school in Oslo), and GRE information (turns out you CAN take it abroad) and the like. Yesterday, it was every single website possible for cheap flights home during Xmas (there aren't any). Earlier today it was information about Norwegian classes and the Bergenstest and everything connected to that. The other day it was Children's book publishers. The other week it was international jobs/organizations abroad. Sigh.

The problem with my brain is that it obsesses. I latch on to something and I don't let go. Hence the out-of-control searches (that usually turn up nothing). The searches also come out of the fact that I have very little idea (or maybe too much idea) of what I want to do with life. So, again, I think of something...and I go crazy trying to find that "perfect" idea in my head. These ideas usually span the spectrum as well...which is why it's so hard for me to pick a profession/place to live/guy I'd be interesting in dating...I always feel like I will miss out on opportunities by committing to something...for life.

Seriously, I'm a mess. Total headcase. I was a soccer goalie though, so maybe that excuses it a little bit? Or maybe I was a goalie BECAUSE I am a head case...hmmm...maybe I'll google that next.

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  1. You are not alone my friend. I never have less than three tabs open at once. Today I had four open while I was researching "birch bark as wallpaper."
    And talk about latching onto an idea - I recently decided I really wanted turquoise nail polish and within a week I had purchased SEVEN different shades of turquoise nail polish. How does that happen!? I wonder how much it costs to send nail polish to Norway? I have some you could have :)