Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My favorite new expression: Oi! Not because I want it to be--in fact I am quite annoyed at myself for saying it so much--but because it's been ingrained in my brain by these Norwegians!

For example:

- If you slip on a patch of ice, "Oi!"
- If someone spills a glass of juice on the table, "Oi!"
- If the little girl falls while walking, "Oi!"

Trust me, I use this expression more in one day then I ever thought possible.

This weekend in Oslo, my Norwegian friend and I decided that there should be instances when someone should double or even TRIPLE the expression "Oi!", depending on the severity of the incident. (I've attached a picture of us, just because I know you all like pictures! She's the one in the middle.)

So, I'm apologizing in advance if you find this irritating when I am around you; chances are I'll be just as annoyed as you. :)

On a funny side note: A girl in my Norwegian class who doesn't speak very much English came to class the other day with a t-shirt on that read "Silicon Free". After talking for a little bit she asked, "Can you read my t-shirt for me, and tell me what it means?" I just started laughing...how exactly does one explain that?! Good thing I know the word for breasts in Norwegian--the conversation ended with her saying, "No wonder everyone was starting at me at the gym!" Ha ha.


  1. i remember saying 'oi' when i was around older norwegians. what a funny word. i love it. and now that i'm a sailor, i can say 'ahoy'!

  2. What a funny conversation with the Norwegian girl!! haha

  3. Like "Opa!" in Greece! :)