Monday, March 8, 2010

"Don't stress"

**Edits from 'wonder lust' to 'wanderlust' provided by Kate Westby :) I've lost my ability to spell/speak English--sorry!**

I've come to this conclusion from the last 2 months; Norway suits me.

I think about my traits and what frustrates me while I'm in the states...namely my anxiety--and the pressure I feel because of it, needing to feel accomplished and independent--but not wanting to settle into a profession, my drive and motivation to make a difference--but the time it's taking me to do it, my wanderlust--and my desire to learn about new and different cultures...is very controlled and honed here in Norway.

Here are some reasons I think that that is the case.
  • There is a lot of pressure in the States to be someone and get there as soon as possible--with blinders on. In Norway, people are very content enjoying the view. 
  • Pressure, for me, equals stress. In the words of my host dad, "Don't stress". I got up late (happened once), he said, "Not a big deal, don't stress". We were leaving the house and I was in a rush to get ready because we were late, he said, "We have time, don't stress". 
  • Things in the States are very fast-paced. In Norway, things go at a uber-slow speed. At times this can be painfully annoying, but overall it makes me less of an anxious person. 
  • My wanderlust in the States does nothing but make me antsy and stress me out... by being in Norway, I feel very connected to the rest of the world, to other cultures and people--which makes me feel more grounded and less anxious.
Obviously, ideally, you would take everyone you care about and stick them into this society that works better with your overall personality, but that's impossible. So, I choose to focus on how being in Norway is contributing to me becoming a more calm, stable and successful individual from the inside out.

It has been a while since I have felt like I belong somewhere, and I have felt calm and happy. I am welcoming that feeling with open arms.


  1. i love this post and i recall that very feeling from when we lived in oslo in 2006. i felt very at home and very relaxed and i was aware of it. i brought the feeling home with me, but it dissipated fairly quickly. i hope i find that again.

  2. I was going to let it go, but then you said it again... I think the term you want is "wanderlust." Like the lust to wander. I don't know though, maybe you lust to wonder too ;) Oi! hehe... sorry - I don't mean to pick. I give you permission to critique my blog to pieces!!! Love your post though. I actually was wondering (wonderlust?) how you were feeling there. I am so glad to hear to are calm and happy!!!

  3. Good call, Kate, good call. I even gave you credit for the change. You smart ass... :)

    And Kari (I'm assuming you wrote the first one)--I know what you mean..it's hard to bring back a feeling like that when you go back to somewhere familiar..A similar thing happened to me when I came back from India...but come back, you and will find that feeling again, I promise! :)