Friday, February 12, 2010

Norweski or Norwesko

Just a random title for this blog...the words for Norwegian in Polish! Don't ask me why there are two...

I'm struggling these days to find something to write about (have you noticed?). Things are beginning to seem, well, normal! I guess that is something in itself to write about. I am starting to get antsy for winter to go away, so that I can explore the nature around Kristiansand. There are limited things you can do in nature during winter when you don't own skies, snow shoes or a snowmobile (which I haven't even seen here). I just want to go for a hike!

On a side note, I taught the little girl to give fist "bumps"-- now only if I could teach her how to use the potty... :) I attempted a picture of her giving me a "bump", here it is.


It took me many photos to get one that turned out. So cute. OH! She's walking now! She  falls every once in a while..but she is getting pretty good. She is also taking longer naps because of the energy she expends by walking..which is nice for me! :)

On another side note, I realized that taking the bus makes me sick. Motion sickness, that is. Not that I can avoid taking the bus, so I try to ignore it. I blame my car sickness on India. You couldn't go anywhere in a car without feeling really car sick, from the windy roads AND the crazy drivers. Once, on a road trip in India, there were about 6 of us in the car...and all of use were sick. ugh. :)

A couple weeks ago, there were people on the gågate (walking street) collecting money for Haiti. It reminded me a little bit of bell ringers during Xmas time in MN..there were so many. Love both of their efforts to raise money, but it makes you feel bad if you don't give some money to EVERY bucket! I ended up giving 2 Kroner, in the form of 4 øre (1/2 Kroner) pieces, to four different guys-- not very much you say? True, but just think if everyone in Norway gave 2 Kroner... (5 million people in Norway x 2 kroner each = 10 million kroner = 1.68 million US dollars)...that would be a lot of money! (Sorry, just had to add in some math) Norway has found a way to help, even from across the Atlantic. Rejuvenates your faith in humanity, doesn't it?

Thanks for the postcard Grandma and Grandpa! Mail is always nice. I'll get around to sending postcards at some point...

Thanks for the package Mom and Popsy! Yum Redvines!


  1. How about some pictures of their faces!?! I have made up in my head what I think that family looks like, and then I realized after reading this post that you haven't actually posted any photos of them! What about your room? What does that look like? Is the bathroom done yet? Are you getting good at the guitar? Are you going to watch the Olympics? Sorry... too many questions :)

  2. Well, I don't know if they want their kids faces/names on my blog..that's why I haven't done it. I will send you a picture in an email!

    I did take a pic of my room a while back, but I can take on of my finished (well almost) bathroom. Guitar is coming along. It's hard! It's fun learning it though (and going to class again...geek, I know). YES, Olympics! I have to watch it in Norwegian, but that's good for my listening skills!

  3. annna:
    i enjoy reading your blog and have a couple of questions:
    1)what do the norwegians you know say about their healthcare system? what do they think of the healthcare debate going on in washington or are they even aware of it?
    2)what is your family's home heating bill per month in u.s. dollars? and do they have energy saving devices or methhods that you have not seen before?

    -anonymous relative.

  4. That makes sense - but you should send me one. Or put one on facebook and don't make it public to everyone. I love your blog by the way :) You should do this every time you go on an adventure. I wish I would have been able to read about your experiences in India, Hawaii and the first Norway trip like this! So much fun :)